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Clay roof tiles have been a mainstay on roofs for thousands of years. Only in the last half-century has concrete tile become more common in the United States. Locally for our California licensed company, Level 1 Roofing, concrete is quite common. We see both clay and concrete on the houses we visit on a daily basis. Concrete has been on an upwards trend globally. With good reason, the pros and cons of clay vs concrete tile make it a close decision that can go either way depending on personal preference and budget.

The main upfront difference is longevity and price. The biggest advantage for concrete over clay tiles is the lower cost. For the premium price of clay tiles, you get durability that can’t be matched by the current concrete tiles being made. Improvements to the longevity of concrete have been made and will likely continue to improve. Roofs in Europe with clay tiles have lasted hundreds of years and are still performing well.

Color is another area where clay outperforms its concrete counterpart. Concrete tiles are often mixed with a pigment that, while may look great and dark when installed, will fade with sun exposure. Rich and deep color of clay tiles is one area where clay is superior, suffering minimal discoloration in their lifetime.

There are trade-offs to be made that may be worth it for you between concrete and clay tile for your roof. Considering concrete roof tiles can cost about half as much as clay, they can be a suitable option for most. If you want great durable color and integrity, you may want to pay a bit more and get a clay roof tile system installed.


Whether you have a leak, broken tiles, old shingles or are looking for a new roof, get a quality and licensed contractor, Level 1 Roofing, to handle it for you.

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