Shingle Roof Replacement Roseville, CA

comp shingle roof replacement from wood shake to new shingle roof


This home was in need of a new shingle roof on their house. We installed full shingle roof replacement, otherwise known as a re-roof. Level 1 Roofing came in and removed all of the existing roof layers down to the plywood sheathing. We put down 30 # felt directly on to the sheathing with plastic cap nails. As far as metal we went with new metal flashings (roof jacks) for all pipes and ventilation painted black and 24-inch valley metal in the valleys. The homeowner went with a great Owens Corning Preferred Contractor 50 year labor and material warranty. We are glad to be a local roofer in Roseville that can offer a great warranty on roof replacements.

Many older wood shake roofs are now failing and the cost of replacing a shake roof with a new shake roof is much higher than it used to be. The new fire rating and code changes have made new shake roofs very expensive and uncommon. In this case, we installed an Owens Corning asphalt shingle with all new metal flashings and valley metal. Your roof is really your first and last defense against the elements. Don’t let just anyone install a roof. Get a roof system with an excellent warranty. Leak-free peace of mind for your new roof.