Standing Seam Metal Roof Replacement – Black Bear Diner Arden St, Sacramento

Black bear diner metal roof


Black Bear Diner decided to open up a location on Arden St renovating a former Coco’s Restuarant.  Level 1 Roofing was contracted to install a standing seam metal roof replacement, removing the old shingles and installing green metal roofing. Synthetic underlayment was placed between the plywood and the panels of metal roofing on top. This signature green used at nearly all of the Black Bear Diner locations was key to make sure the look is consistent. Metal roofs not only look great but also provide several decades of protection. The price for a metal roof typically runs higher than other sloped roofing materials, such as concrete tile or comp shingles. The quality and waterproofing of a metal standing seam roof is well worth the investment. All roofs will require maintenance at some point but a properly installed metal roof by a licensed contractor requires little attention compared to other comparable roofing materials. Metal can come in many any color and all sorts of styles. Metal shingles, metal shake, metal slate, metal tile are all forms we can shape and install for a client. We are proud to help this new restaurant serve up delicious food for the hungry people of Sacramento in this great establishment.

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