Tile Roof Repair with Synthetic Underlayment in Lake Elsinore CA

Finished Tile Roof Repair in Lake Elsinore


As a tile roof ages, the concrete or clay tiles will hold up quite well to nature and the sun. Often lasting several decades. Where a tile roof will begin to fail is the felt underlayment. In as little as 10 to 15 years the underlayment can lose much of its flexibility and asphalt emulsion. This means any shift in pressure or heavy rains can cause tears in your waterproofing layer. When Level 1 Roofing Inc prepares an estimate we highly recommend going with the newer and proven synthetic underlayment instead of an asphalt felt. The heat doesn’t deteriorate the synthetic product anywhere near the amount felt does.

This Lake Elsinore homeowner decided to go ahead and do the partial lift and relay repairs with a UDL 50 synthetic waterproofing underlayment. In these types of repairs, we reuse the existing tile where possible and use new or reclaimed tile where needed. The new or reclaimed tiles will not be a perfect match as every tile roof has a different color due to age, sun exposure, moisture, and dust.


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