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10 Cases for Coating a Commercial Roof

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10 Cases for Coating a Commercial Roof
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Silicone Coating is often underestimated and overlooked in the search for a solution for commercial roofs. Silicone has many strengths that may make it the best option in many scenarios: 

  • On roofs with many penetrations, pipes and HVAC units, a coating system can save time and money.
  • Coating comes with possible tax advantages and rebates. It is often considered maintenance, which may be able to be written off all in one year.
  • A tighter budget can be aided by the lower-cost of a coating system. All of this while maintaining a high degree of protection and durability.
  • If the owner of the building is not ready to fully replace. An owner that is looking to sell may also be more interested to coat their building.
  • If there are concerns about disrupting tenants operations. No roof tear off is needed. Coating avoids the dust, noise and other disruptions to business activity.
  • To add another level of leak protection. Coating can go over an existing roof and extend the life for decades.
  • No risk of rain damaging an open roof. Tear-off is not needed to coat a roof.
  • If energy savings and heat reduction are important. The bright and reflective white silicone provides a cool roof system.
  • If the current roof is structurally sound but needs reflectivity, coating is ideal. Silicone coating can indefinitely extend the life of a roof with 25-year warranty. It can even be recoated at the end the original application’s life.
  • The building is in an area where tear-off is expensive or logistically difficult. Pulling up a bin to haul away old roof material can be very tricky to coordinate in urban environments. Traffic and city regulations complicate this even further.