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Infrared Roof Inspection & Leak Detection

Infrared thermal imaging for flat and low slope roof buildings.

Infrared Roof Inspection & Leak Detection

Thermal Imaging for the Roofing Industry.

The Infrared Thermography cameras allow us to quickly and accurately find where on the roof moisture is accumulating. The images can lead us to the problem areas on the roof. Then using our roofing expertise we can find the source whether it be ponding water seeping through, failure in the roof membrane, unsealed roof penetrations HVAC or plumbing.

The advances in thermal imaging technology has now recently allowed us to offer and use infrared images for our customers. The images we can show to building owners and property management confirms the scope of the work we propose to fix the low slope roof issues. As a roofer, trust is something we strive to put forth to our customers and clients. The images will often speak for themselves and allow them to make the most informed decision for their roof.

Savings by Preventing Damage or Targeted Repairs

If a roofer does not use thermal imaging they may miss large issues with the roof, or only solve part of a leak. The opposite can be can also be true. A roofing contractor may suggest a roof replacement when it may not be necessary. Both of these situations can be confirmed with a combination of thermal roof imagery and physically inspecting the roof.

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