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Contractor Tips for Staying Safe While Your Roof Is Being Replaced

Contractor Tips for Staying Safe While Your Roof Is Being Replaced

Getting your roof replaced can be an exciting experience for you and your family. As roofing contractors scale the roof like trapeze performers, you may feel the urge to head outside and watch the action unfold. It’s a tempting idea, but also an extremely dangerous one. Once contractors arrive at your home, your property becomes a work zone. Ripping, tearing, and hauling roofing materials can pose serious and unexpected hazards. Take a look at these tips on how to stay safe while your roof is being replaced.

The Contractors’ Priority is to Get the Job Done, but Also to Keep You Safe

The contractor’s job is to provide you with the highest-quality roofing experience money can buy. Not only does that include a durable new roof, but it also means keeping you and your property safe during construction. After all, you hire them to make improvements, not to show up and wreak havoc at your home! The contractor is responsible for employing and enforcing safety regulations as mandated by OSHA. That means they must use building techniques and equipment that is compliant with OSHA’s guidelines for keeping you safe as they install your new roof. From sturdy scaffolds to powerful pulley systems, they should do everything they can to minimize the risk to you and your property.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings and Exercise Caution

Construction can make your home feel like a warzone. Between large pieces of heavy equipment and building materials, there are a lot of new and unexpected obstacles around your house. Even something as simple as an extension cord that isn’t normally there can pose a tripping hazard. It’s recommended to exercise caution and extra vigilance to prevent accidents and avoidable injuries.

Know Where Your Kids and Pets Are During Construction

The excitement and chaos of a construction site can attract the attention of curious children and pets. While it can be exciting to watch the action unfold from a safe distance, being too close to the work zone is extremely unsafe. Depending on how old your children are, you may be able to have a simple conversation explaining the hazards of an active worksite. However, small children may not understand the danger, so temporarily limiting their access to certain parts of the house may be the best option. The same goes for pets, who don’t understand construction hazards and how to exercise caution around heavy equipment.

If Desired, Vacate the Property

For some families, turning their roof replacement time into a mini-vacation is the best option. Staying in a hotel or with a relative for a few days is a sure-fire way to stay safe during construction. Not only will this plan help you avoid complications during the roof replacement, but it also gives you a chance to get away and spend quality time with your family.

If it is time to upgrade your old, unreliable roof, look for installers with impeccable safety records and strict adherence to OSHA guidelines for roof replacement. It’s better to be safe than to cut corners and risk injuring yourself.