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Clay Tile Repairs Under a Carlsbad Home’s Solar System

Clay Tile Repairs Under a Carlsbad Home’s Solar System

Carlsbad is known for its beaches and sun. No better way for your home to take advantage of this than putting solar down to capture the energy from the sun. A roof that appears to be fine can have its age and flaws exposed once solar gets hammered into it. Years of broken tiles and worn out felt underlayment will come to light. It is surprisingly often that we get a call only months after the panels have been installed to come replace the entire or a section of a roof. This process can end up costing more than getting a new roof and solar around the same time.

It is highly recommended to get your roof assessed by an experienced roofer, not just a solar tech. You can prevent avoidable leaks and water damage after getting brand new solar by making sure the roof is sound and installation is done with waterproofing in mind. Leaving broken tiles and holes in the roofing underlayment is a recipe for disaster.

This Carlsbad, California house had solar installed fairly recently and during the last rains experienced a new leak right under the panels. Depending on your agreement with you solar company the repairs for this could come out of your own pocket.

Level 1 Roofing fixed the root cause of the leaks and the solar energy is now back to homeowners.


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