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Flat Tile Roofing Solar Preparation in Fallbrook, CA

Flat Tile Roofing Solar Preparation in Fallbrook, CA


Solar companies have partnerships with roofing contractors in their area in order to make sure the solar panels have secure and sealed mounting points. Any leaks caused by the installation of solar panels falls back on the solar company. Level 1 Roofing comes in to make sure the roof is solid and will not leak during the warranty period.

Level 1 Roofing, Inc’s trained technicians approach the job with care. Lifting up the flat tiles along with the underlayment in the area, and installing new underlayment. The brackets for the solar panels are put in place along with the tiles.

Now the homeowners can enjoy the clean and green energy they decided to install. Happy to see homeowners changing the world. One roof at a time.


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