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Roof Repair for a Solar System Installation on Calle Lago, Walnut, CA

Roof Repair for a Solar System Installation on Calle Lago, Walnut, CA


As we know, especially here in CA, solar is a great way to cut your energy bill drastically. Not to mention all the benefits of clean for your home instead of from coal and oil. In order to install the panels on the roof, it is necessary to drill into the roof deck to secure them on the roof. Unfortunately, this process can easily create problems with the waterproofing if done incorrectly by solar installers or the condition of the roof is already near its end of life.

It is highly recommended to get your roof assessed by an experienced roofer, not just a solar tech. You can prevent avoidable leaks and water damage after getting brand new solar by making sure the roof is sound and installation is done with waterproofing in mind. Leaving broken tiles and holes in the roofing underlayment is a recipe for disaster.

This Walnut, California house had solar installed fairly recently and during the last rains experienced a new leak right under the panels. Depending on your agreement with you solar company the repairs for this could come out of your own pocket.

Level 1 Roofing took care of the problems and was able to allow the solar energy to flow freely once again.

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