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Silicone Roof Restoration on Orangethorpe Ave in Fullerton

Silicone Roof Restoration on Orangethorpe Ave in Fullerton


This commercial building in Fullerton, home to a few different businesses, wanted some repairs to be done. After assessing the condition of the roof, a roof restoration with silicone coating was chosen as the best way to proceed by the owners and Level 1 Roofing, Inc.

The lower overhang section was in particularly bad shape, we tore off and replaced the plywood sheeting in that area of the roof. Level 1 Roofing professionals went to work prepping the roofs by pressuring washing the surface for maximum adhesion. Followed by sealing penetrations (drains, HVAC, vents, pipes) on the roofs with GE Seam Sealant. The final step is applying the one coat GE Silicone system to the roof, in this case with a silicone spreader and rollers.

The result is a watertight and long-lasting flat roof with great energy-saving benefits. This is particularly helpful here in Southern California where the sun beats down with heat and UV nearly year-round. Silicone coating systems are made to withstand the abuse of solar energy.


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