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Take Better Care of Your Roof by Taking Care of Your Yard

Take Better Care of Your Roof by Taking Care of Your Yard

You may not be aware of the connection between the care of your yard and the safety of your roof. However, properly maintaining your yard can help prevent problems that lead to roof damage. Here are a few ways to keep your roof safe.

Trim Branches

The dangers of overhanging tree limbs are many. Your roof takes a beating from tree limbs that are overgrown, and this can lead to fallen shingles, dents in the roof and more. Trimming branches near your home can prevent the dangers of overhanging tree limbs. Small sticks can also fall into your rain gutters if your trees aren’t trimmed. This can lead water to back up and cause damage that rots your roof. Expect leaks and possibly mold from the water damage. Simply trimming tree branches can save you money and time in the future because it will help keep your roof in better condition. You may even need to remove trees if they threaten your home. Use a stump grinder to get rid of the stump after the tree is removed.

Keep Gutters Clean

If your gutters aren’t clean, you can have a multitude of problems since water won’t drain properly. One problem is that leaves, sticks and other items will cause water to stagnate near your roof. This can cause leaks, rotting shingles and other issues that damage your home. Clean your gutters often to ensure they are draining properly. Water up against your home can also eat away at your paint, and this is another way that you can experience leaks inside your house. If you live in an area where it hails often, be sure to check your roof for damage when you are cleaning your gutters. Make sure hail doesn’t damage your gutters to the point that they can’t drain. Damage to that extent will require the gutters to be replaced to protect your roof.

Add It to Your Yard Routine

Taking care of your yard is a routine part of homeownership. You mow and weed your yard regularly. To keep up your roof as well as your yard, add these checks to your routine. Check your roof every time you work in the yard, and problems should never get so far out of control that they can’t be repaired. Your yard is easy to see and stays at the forefront of your mind. By combining yard maintenance with roof checks, you ensure regular upkeep on the safety and health of your roof.

Taking care of your yard is a great way to take care of your roof. Preventing roof damage is much easier than trying to repair it. By doing these things, you can make sure that both your yard and your roof can be well taken care of.